Taking e-learning to the personal level


If you have been following us over the last couple of years you know that Thalento® has evolved from a provider of e-assessments to a partner enabling you to get the full potential out of your employees. We summarize this ‘workforce optimization’ as assess – manage – develop. Today we are adding an extra dimension to the ‘develop’ aspect with Thalento® Learning.

Last summer we invested in an e-learning company called Opikanoba. It is a company that originated from the Belgian Universities of Leuven some 20 years ago. Since then it acquired a solid customer base including companies like Cargill, BNP Paribas, Cegeka, Total and AG Insurance. Today we have fully integrated their knowledge, their software and the people of Opikanoba into Thalento®. To mark this momentum, we replace the name ‘Opikanoba’ by Thalento® Learning.

It’s a name emphasizing that we are taking (e-)learning to a higher level by integrating the Intellectual Property of Opikanoba with the in-depth Thalento® knowledge on people’s personality. After all, also in learning and development there is an increasing need of a higher return on investment, of learning solutions that truly lift the potential of individuals and groups.

A vision inspired by the Talent Life Cycle

At Thalento® we have set ourselves the ambition of being a partner throughout the entire Talent Life Cycle of an employee – from attracting and hiring to their career within your organization all the way to their next career change.

In this short video we tell you more about this vision:

Crucial to the Talent Life Cycle are tailormade solutions matching the needs of both the organization/teams and the individual. In order to get the most out of people you need to see and treat them as individuals. They no longer accept organizations giving them the feeling they are merely a ‘cog in the machine’.

All the Thalento® workforce optimization solutions are designed in order to assist you in excelling at this and in enabling the potential of everyone within the organization no matter where they find themselves in the Talent Life Cycle:

  • Our Assessments & Reports provide you easy to interpret, validated and extremely accurate personality tests and insights into motivation, cognitive capabilities, competencies or abilities.

  • Our Management Solutions provide insights into an individual’s impact on group dynamics and vice versa. They offer support incompetency management programs, provide a 360° view based on competencies and easy to benchmark reports. If necessary, we also develop tailormade reports for your company or sector.

  • When it comes to Developing the potential within your organization, Thalento® Learning isn’t the only solution we offer. Our CareerCoach solutions enable you to coach people based on their values, attitude and energy & stress balance.

Of course it is impossible to detail our complete offering in an overview. What it boils down to is selecting the solution that quickly shortcuts your organization to greatness and take it from there. Rather than try and sell you the most obvious solution, we love to deep dive with you and uncover that fitting solutions that really make a difference. We understand that an organization is a living entity , not a machine, and the most effective solutions are based on a solid understanding of the dynamics of the people in your organization. So let’s discover them together!

Want to know more? Contact me at ben.greeven@thalento.com.

Ben greeven