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The ideal Team Management tool. Compare up to ten (10) people in a clear overview with TeamView. All results in a single graphic frame.

It's so easy! 

Simply select your report, next select the people and generate your TeamView. Benefit from the visual overview, transparant matching and benchmark individual results for better decisions. 


TeamViewTeamViewTeamView SCI Teamview MotivateCompetency management


online Competency management

CUBES Competency Management

Manage your competency & talent  needs with the Thalento® CUBES Competency Suite. 

It contains a competency library with  6 clusters of 52 competencies, each detailed in 5 levels.  CUBES can be fully adapted to reflect your requirements.

Change the clusters, select ONLY your competencies, less levels and different description, all is possible. Our detail reports include the behavioural indicators.

CUBES is unique!   and yes we will integrate YOUR competency manual.


360° Evaluation 


The Thalento® 360° Periscope is a multi-rater 360° survey build on the competencies detailed in the CUBES Competency model. The ideal way to rate performance, competencies, behaviour style and functional traits from multiple perspectives and raters.

The 360° Periscope enables you to evaluate competencies, invite subjects using multiple raters. The result is a comprehensive and detailed 360° report.

It is easy to tailor the Competency Library and even the related questions to match your needs.


persoonlijkheidstest - rapport

Sector Reports

Thalento® offers a range of sector specific reports. All are in-house developed in close co-operation or co-creation with sector or industry experts, offering specific and valuable insights based on expert knowledge.  All reports are validated, respect cultural differences and use norm groups.


Flex - Quick Scan - JobsearchFood reportFlex ReportRetail report

 Benchmark report

Benchmark reports

Selected reports can be equipped with a Benchmark Profile. With the  “Benchmark” you create the ideal function profile. The result is a clear and easy graphic match, ideal to interpret the fit with specific functional requirements.   

A Benchmark Profile is preferably the result of a detailed analysis of the performance and the functional success criteria.



Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics by Thalento®, is more than just smart statistics! We leverage your cumulated talent data and turn them into valuable insights and predictive decision information.

Discover the underlying truth hiding in your TALENT data and start to unleash the knowledge that will shape the future of your organisation.  


tailor Made reports

Tailor made

In addition to our suite of reports and sector reports we develop tailored reports that correspond to the specific needs of your organisation or a specific function. 



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