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Validation &
norm groups

Optimal quality and excellent results demand that Thalento® commits to continued research.

This in return enables us to ensure cultural adaptation of tools and confirms the validity of our Talent Solutions through research and statistical analysis.

We share the detailed information on our findings, validation and available norm groups, on request.


Validation is the degree to which the results of an assessment correlate with the actual performance and/or predicts the future performance accurately.

The Thalento® e-Assessments achieve a match of 70-80% with the actual job performance.

Thalento® commits to a continuous confirmation of the validity of all our Assessment Solutions, this by means of statistical analysis and business cases research. These are in general an analysis of the relationship between the assessment results and a representative reference group of a specific population and their ranking according to an objective performance scale.

Norm groups

An accurate and relevant assessment of personality, behaviour, motivation and performance can be attained by using an as large as possible number of reliable norm groups. Norm groups are composed of large and clearly defined reference groups that share one or more common traits (e.g. education, function, culture...).

All Thalento® norm groups are composed of sufficiently large sample groups (>400) and defined in function of a large number of traits, such as language, culture, function type, sector and education level.

Thalento® furthermore has the ability to develop and/or implement company or function specific norm groups.