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Personality Questionnaire E-assessment

Performance Questionnaires

The Thalento® Performance Questionnaires identify criteria and traits that determine professional behaviour, motivation and performance. They measure 30 Personality and Motivation indicators and are the validated basis for our broad portfolio of reports. 


Performance Questionnaire (TH-PQ)  


Personality Questionnaire 


The Thalento® Performance Questionnaire (TH-PQ) is globally our most used assessment and measures 30 behavioural criteria and traits that determine professional behaviour, motivation and predict performance.   


TH-PI Personality reportTH-MCI Management ReportTH-SCITH-MI Motivation reportBig5 theorieCertified Assessor

Condensed Performance Questionnaire (TH-CPQ)


Personality Questionnaire - condensed   


The Thalento® Condensed Performance Questionnaire (TH-CPQ) is based on the TH-PQ, using only 6 statements per trait. It equally measures the 30 behavioural criteria and characteristics that define professional behaviour, motivation and predict performance.


Quick Personality Scan Flex report

Blue Collar Performance Questionnaire (TH-BCPQ)


 Blue Colar Personality Questionnaire


The Blue Collar Performance Questionnaire (TH-BCPQ) is based on the TH-CPQ and also measures 30 behavioural criteria and characteristics, yet using adapted language.  


Quick Personality ScanFlex report


Competency Assessment

C-38 Competency e-Assessment

The  Thalento®  C-38 Competency Assessment combines our CUBES Competency Model and our e-Assessment Suite. The result is an objective and validated inventory of professional functioning including a typical behaviour style, strengths and development domains, detailed in no less than 38 Competencies.



C-38 Report

Competencies report

Cognitive tests

Cognitive Tests

Introducing the next generation of cognitive tests

Thalento® offers a comprehensive suite of Cognitive Tests. All our Cognitive Tests are uniquely composed from a comprehensive RANDOMISER database. To ensure reliable remote collected results they can be equipped with our VALIDATE module.


Abstract-reasoning testNumerical reasoning testVerbal reasoning test      


Cognitive reports

abstract reasoningnumerical reasoningverbal reasoning

Ability Tests

Ability Tests

Thalento® offers a suite of Ability Tests, developed to measure specific functional abilities and performance in a professional setting. They are available across multiple sectors and industries.

Planning & Organisation test Elan language tests Skills Office test


Ability reports

 Ability Report Speed and accuracyplanning en organisatie vaardigheden ThalentoLanguagesOffice skills

Technical tests

Technical Tests

Our Technical Tests are created in cooperation with industry specialists and measure specific technical knowledge and abilities.  


Algemene Mechanica testAutomecanicsElectricity skillstestCooling technics SkillstestMeasurement and control techniques - skillstestea


 Technical report

Technical reports

I-rater survey

I-Rater - self rating questionnaire 

The Thalento® I-Rater is a self-rating questionnaire based on the CUBES Competency Model. Inventorise up to 52 competencies, understand the behaviour style and map functional traits from the participant's perspective.


I-Rater report

Technical reports

DIY online zelf uw testen maken met BYTE

Build Your Test Environment

BYTE is the ideal solution to automate and manage all your in-house paper & pen tests, questionnaires or surveys. With BYTE you can now create and tailor any test to fit your needs. In a next step complete them with your customised report. BYTE is the powerful and flexible solution to will take your hiring, evaluating and testing solutions to the next level.




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