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Appraisals - Thalento 


Appraisals need careful planning and are often time consuming,

They require timely planning, the right method and a structured follow-up.  
Compose tailored and unique questionnaires, integrate competencies or use our proposed questionnaires.
Looking to go further? Build your tailored Appraisal using your competency framework.

In short, we build the ideal solution that meets your needs.

Please contact us for more information.

Personal development plan - HR solution 

PDP (Personal Develop Plan)

The active development instrument

Our  PDP  is the ideal tool for all your individual development needs. Inventorise and discuss the findings of e-Assessments or 360° surveys, document conclusions, plan activities and milestones.

Already using a PDP format, don't worry, we are happy to integrate this in our application.


Thalento® Learning

Thalento® is taking (e-) learning to a higher level by integrating the know-how of Thalento® Learning with the in-depth Thalento® knowledge on personality. 

Thalento® Learning offers state-of-the-art, modern learning solutions based on 20 years of experience and since then it acquired a solid customer base including companies like Cargill, BNP Paribas, Cegeka, Total and AG Insurance. 


Wellbeing Solutions

CareerCoach tests Thalento

Verzorgen Zonder Zorgen

Verzorgen Zonder Zorgen is an e-learning package which makes nurses more resilient to stress & burn-out. The tool is developed within the expertise center for Psychological Wellbeing in Patience Care of the Karel de Grote Universiy College. Afterwards Thalento® optimized the tool to a very user-friendly and scientifically validated e-learning tool which Verzorgen Zonder Zorgen now is. The tool consists of information, videos, hints, advices and concrete exercises related to specific working contexts and the stress factors of every individual nurse.


Follow our social media channels and keep updated about Verzorgen Zonder Zorgen and the latest developments regarding stress & burn-out.   



CareerCoach tests Thalento

CareerCoach - Solutions for Career Owners

CareerCoach is a powerful and complete suite to facilitate career counselling, coaching and both internal & external mobility. The CareerCoach questionnaires are scientifically validated at Antwerp University by Dr. Wouter Van Bockhaven and Prof. dr. Jesse Segers. CareerCoach and Thalento® have created a user friendly and visually powerful suite of instruments for Career Owners and organisations


Organisation & Team

Team Dynamics 

Management Team Dynamics

Aligned teams deliver results!

What is state of awareness of your Management Team? Are they champions who support MT decisions in front of their teams?,Do the MT members share the same vision, do they speak the same language?

With Management Team Dynamics you acquire a deeper understanding of the Team Capabilities of your MT. This visualised in a detailed and benchmarked insight into a broad array of critical performance indicators, grouped into 3 complementary areas:

The buildingblocks

  • Basics : The 8 basic operational rules and conditions
  • Core Values : How do the MT member think and act on 9 core values
  • Interaction :  How do individual team member interact detailed in 8 relational principles

Organisation Dynamics 

Organisation Dynamics

The culture that drives your organisation

Acquire an insight into the dynamics of your organisation and the driving culture parameters. Learn about the challenges, the strengths and hidden risks. Building  a focused and effective organisation is based on the right knowledge. Organisation Dynamics inventorises assists you to determine your organisational culture and the indicates the influencing dynamics.  

The buildingblocks

  • Work methodes
  • Core Values
  • Upward feedback

Mobile Learning Platform


Mobile Learning Solution

The LearningApp Suite allows you to build Training and Development Programs on the findings of the Thalento® e-Assessments and create your own training or 3rd party provider courses.



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