Why should you need different personality tests?

Talent Partner Karen Celen often gets asked how many personality tests we have. in this article, Karen explains why we are convinced why you only need one.

‘How many different personality tests do you have? We need one for a sales position and one for a management position.’ Each time I get a similar question from a customer I am a bit surprised and I notice they are equally surprised by the answer that at Thalento® we only have one personality test.

Of course I understand why this question is asked. You are looking for a specific profile which must mean you need a different personality test, right? Not really, unless maybe this person will be doing exactly the same job in exactly the same way for the next ten years or so. But do such jobs still exist? I don’t think so.

What you need in 2017 are what we call Talent Solutions enabling you to look beyond a person’s current potential and at what she or he can become.

The right person and the right job

With this in mind Thalento® developed the TH-Performance Questionnaire (or TH-PQ).  From this TH-PQ we derive an analysis which combines one’s personality with his performance, behavior, motivation and competencies. This analysis enables us to predict professional performance and can be used to match a person with positions in the most diverse industries. As a Thalento® user this means that you know not only whether someone is the right person for the job, but also whether the job will fit the person.

So, yes, every candidate assessed via our Thalento® Talent Solutions takes the same personality test. Depending on the characteristics of a specific position, industry or organisation we emphasise different aspects from the TH-PQ analysis in our reports. We have for example designated reports for those looking for a sales person or a manager and specific reports for the retail or fast food industry. Just check our website to discover the diversity of the reports we derive from the TH-PQ.

The big advantage of this approach is that you always have the right information at hand when someone makes a career switch. After all, a new job title doesn’t change one’s personality so the TH-PQ of a sales person can be used to distill the report for the position of manager and find out if he has what it takes. If one test can do that, why should we complicate your (and our ;-)) life with different personality questionnaires!

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Ben greeven