Belgian - Dutch consortium avoids wrong hires

A bad hire can easily cost a company € 70.000 ($75.000). Belgian company Thalento® and Dutch Carerix now join forces to counteract this phenomenon. As of the 21st of February Carerix customers have access to Thalento®’s powerful range of pre-screening Talent Solutions within the Carerix’ ATS-environment. This assures organisations of better and quicker hiring processes.

A 2016 study by Career Builder reveals that hiring a person can easily cost € 23.500 ($25.000). Due to time and costs invested in the recruitment process and training of this new employee, another €47.000 ($50.000) is added when it turns out to be a bad hire.

‘Quality of Hire’ too easily overruled by ‘Cost per Hire’

Organisations pay a lot of attention to reducing the so-called Cost per Hire (CPH). This often goes at the expense of the quality of the recruitment process. Ben Greeven, CEO of Thalento®: “The quality of your recruitment process is the determing factor whether you have to pay this amount or not. We want to help organisations in keeping the CPH as low as possible, without compromising  the quality. By combining Carerix’ platform and Thalento®’s Talent Solutions, it’s possible to compare candidates more effectively earlier in the process , thanks to the combination of hard skills – experience, education, competencies – and soft skills – what’s the personality of the candidate.”

“Investments in HR Technology have quintupled over the past years”, Ben Greeven continues. “The HR servicing sector is being disrupted and the days of single solutions are gone. The user and its needs are more than ever at the focal point. This pushes HR Tech companies towards co-creation and integrations on ‘shared platforms’.”

Ben Greeven is convinced of the positive impact of this collaboration: “The integration of a content driven system like Thalento®into a processing system like the ATS of Carerix, unlocks important benefits for recruiters.” Says Ben Greeven. “It enables them to search more efficiently and select on specific competencies, such as leadership or communicative skills, and on the candidate’s drivers.

Reinald Snik, CEO of Carerix, is also thrilled about the partnership. “Carerix and Thalento® share the same vision on the importance of User Experience. Thanks to the integration of data of Thalento®’s Talent Solutions in the Carerix ATS (Applicant Tracking System – a digital platform to follow up the recruitment process), recruiters have better and more qualified candidate information at their disposal during the entire process.