We are adding an extra dimension to the 'develop' aspect with Thalento® Learning.

Thalento® is taking e-learning to the personal level with Thalento® Learning.



Thalento® is taking (e-) learning to a higher level by integrating the know-how of Thalento® Learning with the in-depth Thalento® knowledge on personality.

Thalento® Learning is originated from the Belgian Universities of Hasselt and Leuven and offers you state-of-the-art, modern learning solutions based on 20 years of experience. Since then it acquired a solid customer base including companies like Cargill, BNP Paribas, Cegeka, Total and AG Insurance.

At Thalento® we have set the ambition of being a partner throughout the entire Talent Life Cycle of an employee – from attracting the right Talent, over uncovering issues that motivate and solutions to develop people, to guiding them in the next step of their professional career, either internal or external.

Do you want to know more about our vision of the Talent Life Cycle and how Thalento® Learning fits in this cyle, you should really read our blog.