Thalento® invests in Facelytix

date: 12 / 01 / 2017

Hasselt (Belgium) – The Belgian HR software company Thalento® has acquired an important share in Facelytix, the technology developed by Ghita Ramdhiansing and Sevi Tuominen of the Dutch company Clearwater Skyfields BV. Ben Greeven, CEO of Thalento®: ‘Their videotest revolutionises the way job candidates are screened. We are convinced that the candidate of the future no longer wants to complete questionnaires for half an hour if the same can be done via a 10-minute recording with a smartphone. Ghita and Sevi have developed the technology underlying this concept. With the expertise of Thalento® we are now working hard to get it validated and into a SaaS-model.’ By the end of March Facelytix NV plans to have the first organisations working on its platform.

Revolutionary Dutch videotest becomes Belgian

Many organisations use personality testing to find out whether a candidate fits within the company. ‘For decades such assessments have been performed through questionnaires which - if done in depth - require at least 30 minutes of the candidate’s time’, explains Ben Greeven. ‘Last year I met Ghita who has developed an assessment method via video.’

Ghita Ramdhiansing: ‘I was triggered by the American psychologist Paul Ekman and his work on emotions and facial expressions. Our videotest combines Ekman with video technology and analytical processing and is an important asset when it comes to quicker and more accurately selecting the right candidate for a job.’


Launch at the end of Q1, 2017

Until last year Clearwater Skyfields was based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ‘We have now moved to Hasselt in Belgium where not only Thalento® but also HR Tech Valley is located and we have founded Facelytix NV together with Thalento®’, says Ramdhiansing. ‘Being surrounded by experienced HR Tech entrepreneurs like Ben enables us to further develop the concept of the videotest into an assessment with an undeniable added value to recruiters looking for the perfect match.’

Greeven: ‘Being validated is crucial for any assessment: you have to be able to proof you deliver a report that is scientifically backed. At Thalento® we know how to do this and are using our expertise to validate Facelytix. As soon as the videotest is validated and the reports are user-ready, the Facelytix platform is to be used by organisations to screen candidates. We expect this to be the case by the end of March.’

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