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Discover how we create effective People driven Talent Solutions.

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A broad offering of validated test and tools to deliver the right answers to all your people and talent challenges


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Thalento Cloud


Thalento Cloud E-assessment Tool
Central Dashboard

The starting point

Intuitive layout - One click navigation

Customer Driven

Continuous optimisation with FREE upgrades

FREE Corporate identity integration


Assessment testen
Optimal Adaptability

Customize to fit your need
User driven layout


Easy Integration

Open cloud system & Powerful API


Assessment testsSecured Cloud

Single Sign On options
User and password access

Fast implementation

1 hour set up
Self-managed platform
Unlimited users @ NO COST

Dashboard & Reports

A broad portfolio of clear reports, the ability to equip them with a benchmark profile. Together with our experts you can also develop tailored reports. All available in 25 languages. Explore the possibility to create your own competency profiles with C-38. Don't forget our dashboards, they are ideal to offer access to all people data to all managers.

Thalento Reports

Performance reportManagement reportretail report

Our Promise


Customizable solutions

Match to your needs

Value Delivered

Transparent pricing

NO license Fee -NO expiry date


Ease of use 

One click philosophy 


 Expertise on Board

Validated science

Loyal customers

It's about People

People first

Everyone is a VIP


WOW factor

Great experience - UX matters

Deliver beyond expectations


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