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You are looking for a partner that provides you with an easy to use technology to identify talent and potential of your teams, quick and easy?

We understand that need! We too started out as a start-up, looking for the right fit, struggling with the question, how will this person fit in my team?

Would you believe we created Thalento® just for that reason? Just to provide answers on People and their Potential in a no-nonsense language without the need to have a Master in Psychology.

All our solutions are validated and used by HR Professionals in 26 languages in over 50 countries, but we are proud to do it in a language that entrepreneurs and managers can understand.

Are you looking for a tool that can integrate with your other solutions? Our SaaS platform, with a professional API for easy integration, does just that. If you want to use it stand alone with and easy login and straight forward secure access, that’s Thalento® too.

Whatever type of Assessment or Service you’re looking for, whatever volume, customised, standard or in your look and feel, we are sure we can help you with the right solution.

By the way, don’t take our word for it, just check out some of our references.



How does it work?

Our platform is supported with easy to use video tutorials, webinars and build-in e-learnings you’ll get the hang of the TH-Cloud pretty quick.

More insights and detail on the science and the psychological models behind our tools, you can find in our intuitive, complete, yet easy to use e-learning. At your service for free.



The benefits other entrepreneurs value?

  • Easy to use platform, multi-lingual platform in your corporate identity

  • Access to various reports that both are easy to read and interpret.

  • No license fee - No start up cost

  • Powerful API with multiple partners

  • Reliable GDPR Compliant Cloud SaaS platform. 

  • Build-in training solutions.






How to connect with us?


Are you just looking for an Assessment tool? Connect our Customer Experience Team below, we’ll take it from there and get you up and running in under 1 hour (during business hours CET 8 to 18).

We’re happy to explain our solutions and/or set up a try-out account, FREE of charge. Just experience why other entrepreneurs like our solutions.

Reach out via this form, talk to our chatbot Mr. THI (on the right) or call us on +32 11 28 62 42.

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