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Assessments, Personality and Motivation Questionnaires

Personality & Motivation

Thalento® Personality & Motivation Questionnaires identify criteria and traits that determine professional behaviour, motivation and performance. They measure 30 Personality and Motivation indicators and are the validated basis for our broad portfolio of reports.

Personality and Motivation Questionnaires, TH-PQ

Personality & Motivation

The Thalento® Personality & Motivation Questionnaire measures 30 criteria and traits that determine professional behaviour, motivation and predict performance.

Personality and Motivation Questionnaires, TH-CPQ, Condensed Questionnaire


The Thalento® Condensed Personality & Motivation Questionnaire is based on the TH-PQ but uses only 6 statements per trait.

Personality and Motivation Questionnaires, TH-BCPQ, Blue Collar Questionnaire

Blue Collar

The Thalento® Blue Collar Personality & Motivation Questionnaire is based on the TH-PQ but uses adapted language.


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CUBES, Competencies, Competency Assessments, Competency Model


Thalento® COMPass, is a unique and intuitive Competency assessment. Based on our CUBES Competency Model, it measures no less than 38 competences. In less than 20 minutes we inventorise and map the selected competences.

The output is an objective and validated report on performance, including behaviour style, strengths and development domains.



Assessments, Cognitive Tests, Abstract Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning

Cognitive Tests

Thalento® offers a comprehensive suite of Cognitive Tests. All of our Cognitive Tests are uniquely composed from a comprehensive RANDOMISER database. To ensure reliable remotely collected results they can be equipped with our VALIDATE module.

Cognitive Tests, Abstract Reasoning, SCOPE-Test


The SCOPE-Test inventorises the abstract reasoning ability.

Cognitive Tests, Numerical Reasoning, S-Test


The S-Test inventorises the numerical reasoning ability.

Cognitive Tests, Verbal Reasoning, A-Test


The A-Test maps the verbal reasoning ability.



Assessments, Ability Tests, Speed and Accuracy Abilities, Planning and Organisation Abilities, Language Tests, Microsoft Office Tests

Ability Tests

Thalento® offers a suite of Ability Tests, developed to measure specific functional abilities and performance in a professional setting. They are available across multiple sectors and industries.

We have grouped our offering of Ability Tests into three distinct categories.


General Ability Tests

General Ability Tests, Speed and Accuracy Abilities, SNA Test

SNA Test

The SNA Test inventorises speed & accuracy abilities.

General Ability Tests, Planning and Organisation Abilities, PNO Test

PNO Test

The PNO Test inventorises planning and organisation abilities.

General Ability Tests, Language Tests, Language skills

Language Tests 

The ElaN Tests map written language skills.

General Ability Tests, Microsoft Office skills, MS Office Tests

MS Office Tests

The Microsoft Office Skill Tests inventorise MS Office skills.


Technical Ability Tests

Technical Ability Tests, Mechanics, Industrial, Car

Mechanics (3)

  • Industrial

  • Car - experienced

  • Car - helper

Technical Ability Tests, Electrician, Residential and Industrial constructions

Electrician (3)

  • General

  • Residential constructions

  • Industrial constructions

Technical Ability Tests, Technician, Refrigeration, Measurement and control

Technician (2)

  • Refrigeration

  • Measurement and control


Staffing Ability Tests

Staffing Ability Tests, TH-Control and Coding of Number, simple control and classification assignment

TH-Control & Coding of Numbers

TH-Control & Coding of Numbers measures how someone executes a simple control and classification assignment.

Staffing Ability Tests, TH-Commercial Skills, responding effectively, avoids or takes initiative in social situations

TH-Commercial Skills

TH-Commercial Skills measures to what extent a participant responds effectively, avoids or takes initiative in social situations.

Staffing Ability Tests, TH-Basic Value Test, professional values

TH-Basic Value Test

TH-Basic Value Test maps the professional values that are important to a participant.

Staffing Ability Tests, TH-Negotiating Styles and Skills, handling conflict and negotiations

TH-Negotiating Styles and Skills

TH-Negotiating Styles and Skills inventorises how the participant handles conflict and negotiations.

Staffing Ability Tests, TH -Number, check and control data


TH-Number is a concentration test that measures a participants ability to check and control data in various situations.


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Assessments, I-Rater, Self Rating Questionnaires

I-Rater -
Self Rating Questionnaire

Thalento® I-Rater is a self-rating questionnaire based on the CUBES Competency Model. Inventorise up to 52 competencies, understand the behaviour style and map functional traits from the participant's perspective.



Assessments, CareerCoach, Career Fitness Profiler

Career Fitness Profiler

Career Fitness Profiler is a powerful and complete suite to facilitate career counselling, coaching and both internal & external mobility. The Career Fitness Profiler has been developed by CareerCoach®, a spin-off from the university of Antwerp. The questionnaires are scientifically validated at Antwerp University by Dr. Wouter Van Bockhaven and Prof. dr. Jesse Segers. CareerCoach® and Thalento® have created a user friendly and visually powerful suite of instruments for Career Owners and organisations.