Why Thalento?


Talent is a critical resource in today’s evolving HR industry. Organisations are coping with talent shortage and a generation challenge. The World of Work is being disrupted.

It is our ambition to enable Workforce Optimisation, which is nothing less than a technology driven & people focused management of the Talent Life Cycle. Optimising the availability of the right talent aligned in time and place with the strategic needs of the organisation.

We achieve this through the delivery of talent technology that aligns People, Talents and Potential with the organisational needs. In the end It is about People.

We develop and deliver Assessments, Talent Intelligence Tools, People Analytics and Learning Solutions. Since 2010 Thalento® is a trusted partner for HR Service Providers, Corporate HR, HR Freelancers and Organisations in all industries, around the globe. Our GDPR compliant SaaS platform, available in 26 languages, is used by clients and partners in over 50 countries.

So why Thalento®

We pride ourselves on creating solutions that go beyond competitive offers, here are some of the reasons why,

Our Assessments are free of license fee and credits never expire. The TH-Cloud platform is set-up within the same business day and can be personalised free of charge. Our competency framework is completely adaptable, in structure, levels and descriptions. Our competitive and adaptive pricing model allows clients to combine our solutions to their needs.

Of course these are not the only reasons and we would happy to share our insights and expertise with you over a cup of coffee.

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The Partner Network


Thalento® is an HR Technology company. We develop and distribute HR Tech powered Assessments, Talent & Learning Solutions.

Customer closeness is key. The majority of our customers prefers a tailored integration of our Talent Solutions to fit their specific needs. This requires professional services from experienced HR Professionals. After all we deliver HR Tech Solutions in a People industry.

To us Partnerships are both rewarding and challenging. They require transparency and ownership, the right combination of those will lead to mutual results. It is this balance that requires, an outside-in business attitude, a set of solid and transparent agreements and lots of dedication. That is what we bring to and expect from Partnership!

We have onboarded partners in over 20 countries and have developed our own specific view on Partnership cooperation. Our view has evolved over the years, in line with our experiences and the changed expectations of the disrupting HR industry. We expect our Partners to combine HR expertise with a strong presence in their local markets.

We offer multiple levels of Partnership. from the need of the HR Freelancer to the experienced professional HR Service Provider. In close cooperation with our Partner Network we translate and share the Thalento® vision to fit their local market. We grow together.

We are launching an expansion plan for our Partner Network.

Are you ready to join our Partner Network?