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Partnership Models


Partnerships benefits

  • Business growth based on Thalento® Assessment Technology

  • Access to Thalento® Expertise & Thalento® Academy Trainings

  • Joint national & international marketing campaigns

  • Annual International Partner Meetings

  • Access to our Knowledge Database, Client and Competitor Database

  • Support of the Thalento® Training Academy

  • Direct access to Thalento® expertise and business support

  • Registered on our Partner Network Website


Onboarding Roadmap

1. Introduction phase.png

-Check out our Thalento® Website and the Partner Network
-Contact us

2. Let's talk business.png

We provide you with our introduction file and set up an introduction meeting.

-Virtual meeting to broaden introduction and answer Questions.
-Decision on next steps
-Sharing on Partnership details

3. Becoming partner.png

-Discuss the Partner Agreement and Business Plan
-Finalise practical agreements
-Contract closing

4. Onboarding.png

-Start-up of onboarding schedule
-Start-up training program on Thalento® Solutions & the Thalento® Cloud
-Introduction to Partnership SharePoint Account


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