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The Future Project is global, multilingual and intended for ‘young adults’ (aged 18 to 25 years)
Learn about your Personality, Behaviour and Attitude &  Motivation.


Just try it! Get to know yourself and your friends!

'Why not try it?' 'It’s your future’


Understand your ambitions, talents & attitude and motivation!


How does it work?

The Future Project uses the Thalento® Personality and Motivation Questionnaire.  This test  is used by worldwide companies (such as Kinepolis/Quick/Materialise) and measures 30 behavioural indicators and traits that predict behaviour and motivation.


Take the test and receive your personal report (by mail) explaining

1. The professional settings that  are important to you

2. The ambitions and opportunities you are looking for?

3. A description of your personality characteristics?


Take a Kick-Ass Career Start!

Personality Type - ThinkPersonality Type - Act

Personality Type - TeamworkPersonality Type - Communicate


Which is YOUR Personality Type


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More than 5.000 young adults in 15 countries joined @ The Future Project

Student or just graduated?  

The Future Project is FREE for everybody between 18 and 25 years.

Within 24 hours you receive your personal login. Complete the test receive your report in real time by mail.

Learn more on how to read the report, consult the interpretation guide


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The Future Project Thalento

Educational Organisations

The Future Project is also FREE. Offer your students the opportunity to participate individually or in group. It is the perfect teaching opportunity to experience professional selection tests.

Are you interested in the Future Project? Contact Els Bancken (Platform Manager) on or +32 11 28 62 42. We provide digital material to support the project.

What happens with the collected personal data?

The Future ProjectAll collected information will be used solely for academic research.
All information is rendered anonymous and disconnected from all personal information, prior to be stored in our database. Collected data is NOT shared with 3rd parties. 
All data will only be used for comparative academic research. 




Confidentiality and Privacy:  Never will Thalento® or any related company or third party, contact you for further information, for commercial or any other purpose. Thalento® furthermore commits itself to disconnect all personal information and render all received data anonymous. Thalento® will only contact you following a personal and written request from you.

The findings of our research will periodically be published on our website and through selected media channels.

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