Helping Young Adults becoming Career Owners

Thalento® and PXL University College are cooperating to help young adults discover their potential and strengths.

Today's students are tomorrow's Career Owners at the beginning of their careers. Career Owners are people who take control of their own career and look for employers who satisfy their needs. They want a job where they can develop themselves and use their full potential according their strengths and pitfalls.

Thalento® and PXL University College are working together to help those young adults to take their career into their own hands via the Future Project. All first year's students of business management department will do a workshop about the importance of softs skills in their future careers. Karen & Ine are leading this workshop on April 26th at Euroscoop Genk for 800 students. 

All students will have access to the Thalento® personality and motivation assessment. This provides them with insights into their personality & motivations and introduces them to their strengths, pitfalls, needs and drivers.

Are you between 18 en 25 and do you want to know who you really are? Subscribe for the Future Project and get your most honest feedback ever.