The TH-QPS: hiring made easy!

Thalento® expands its offering of state-of-the-art e-Assessments. With the release of the Thalento® Quick Performance Scan (TH-QPS) we now bring a highly efficient and no-nonsense online assessment that maps functional behaviour and performance in less than 12 minutes at the highly competitive price of only 25 euros (excl. VAT).

The TH-QPS report is validated, fast and intuitive. It is the right solution to all your hiring questions. Download a sample report on our website.

The Thalento® QPS delivers a truthful description of the functioning style through means of an empirically validated 4 cluster typology model.

The TH-QPS provides provides a comprehensive overview and details on the behavioural preferences and
functioning style in 4 complementary behaviour clusters.


Each cluster details a specific category of professional activity and behaviour. Together, they present a complete picture of performance in a professional role.

The Thalento® QPS is based on the TH-CPQ or TH-BCPQ Performance Questionnaires, which are available in 51 languages.

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