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TH - Personality-motivation - CPQ
Personality - & Motivation Questionnaire

Thalento® Condensed Performance Questionnaire (TH-CPQ)

Personality Questionnaire -  CPQThe Thalento® Condensed Performance Questionnaire (TH-CPQ) is a derived questionnaire of the TH-PQ.

It is an e-Assessment questionnaire that inventorises behavioural criteria and traits, which are determining for the professional conduct and performance of the participant.

The TH-CPQ is suited for a large number of HR processes and objectives in which a documented and objective understanding of personality, motivation and environmental preferences is required.


The TH-CPQ is composed out of 2 separate, structured and complementary questionnaires. Each questionnaire aims to collects answers to one of 2 questions and this from the respondents’ perspective. 


The TH-CPQ is based on the Thalento® Professional Behaviour Model, composed out of 30 dimensions. Together, they describe a recognisable and predictable style of functioning in a professional context.

The Thalento® Professional Behaviour Model combines the Five Factor Model for personality and the Murray Motivational Model regarding environmental preferences and needs.


Other personality questionnaires:

Personality Questionnaire PQPersonality Questionnaire BCPQ


A diversity of reports can be generated based on the Performance Questionnaire:

Performance Indicator & Capability Reports


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