New: Talent and Retail

The Thalento® Retail Profile, developed in close cooperation with leading retail companies, provides answers to the specific key hiring challenges of the retail sector. Today, it is broadly used by a broad selection of retail companies. The success of the Retail Profile is its ease of use and graphic logic.

It is available in a Sales staff and Shop Manager version in 10 languages. The retail profile delivers you fast, efficient and cost-effective answers to the 5 Key Result areas; People Management, Customer Service, Flexibility & Organisation, Communication and  Internal Drive. The second part of the Retail Profile is an insight into the Motivators of the participant.

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A Retail Case
After the initial success of landing a Mobile Business Project with a global retail company, we are now starting to integrate the Thalento® assessment solution into their selection procedure. This will result in a broader and faster pre-selection providing them real-time access to candidate data in an efficient way with an enhanced focus on cost awareness. In a next step, planned for discussion early 2015, we will focus on the integration of the Thalento® CUBES Competency Model into their Management Development program.

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