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Belgium / Italy, 16-10-2014 | Thalento®, known as a leading provider of cloud/SaaS e-Assessment & Talent Management Solutions, and LearningApp®, an innovative mobile learning & training platform, announce a Strategic Alliance that leads to the integration of the Learningapp® solutions into the Thalento® Cloud. The result will be a seamless integrated Talent Management and Learning & Development platform that will transform the way companies manage their Talent pool.

Thalento® operates a broad portfolio of e-Assessments & Talent Management Solutions including cognitive & ability tests, personality & motivational questionnaires, 360° surveys, competency frameworks, etc. Adding the LearningApp®, mobile learning & development solution completes our Talent cycle. It will enable the Thalento® clients to actively manage talent development, create training libraries and provide mobile access to people to their personal learning space. It will disrupt the way organisations onboard, manage and develop talent.

Ben Greeven (CEO Thalento®): “With a clear focus on User Experience and building on an extensive expertise and experience in training & consulting services, shaping cross-sector skills, LearningApp® has managed to develop an exceptionally effective mobile learning and training method. It was clear from the beginning that LearningApp® would be the ideal partner for us to co-create our integrated Talent Management and Learning & Development solution. LearningApp® is not just another traditional e-learning platform; they have the potential to change the learning experience.”

Together, we will offer the extensive LearningApp® training programs through our Thalento® Strategic Partner Network. Clients can create their own training programs, access and share all projects & programs.  

For more information, contact us on +32 11 28 62 42 or info@thalento.com.

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About LearningApp:

LearningApp® originated from the need to offer technologically advanced HR solutions. Our experts have been working for years in recruiting and tutoring and have also been offering mentoring and consulting services to companies in order to shape cross-sector skills. We strongly believe in continuous learning, development and innovation.

We also believe that HR specialists and departments need advanced tools to manage the challenges of this constantly changing world. This drive towards never ending improvement led to the creation of LearningApp®, a mobile application which allows users to train directly at the workplace, thus improving their behaviour patterns.

For further information please contact:

Dott. Luigi Migliore (CEO) - info@learningapp.it - +39 049 89 75 742


About Thalento®:

Thalento® is about People and Talents. As a leading provider of cloud/SaaS based e-Assessment & Talent Management solutions, they deliver result oriented answers for Selection, Retention, Succession Planning, Competency Management and Talent Development. Their Talent Analytics provide valuable insights into your organisation’s future. We are dedicated to the ultimate User experience with focus on the integration and extreme adaptability as a part of our DNA. We Assess, Manage, Develop & Connect Talent.

Thalento® provides answers to the WHY and HOW questions of People and their Talents. Clients use our solutions, available in 20 languages, in 40 countries around the world.

For further information please contact:

Ben Greeven (CEO) | ben.greeven@thalento.com | +32 11 28 62 42

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