Cammio extends video recruitment platform

The Hague (The Netherlands) | Hasselt (Belgium) , 30 January 2014 – European video recruitment platform Cammio, today announced the extension of its pre-screening platform with a range of advanced e-Assessments on culture, competencies and motivation. It has partnered with Thalento®, a market leading provider of e-Assessments in more than 40 countries globally. Through the partnership, corporate and agency users on the Cammio platform will now be able to gain a good first impression of candidates early in the candidate selection process. The combination of video and evidence-based questionnaires in one easy workflow further enhances recruitment efficiency.

Walter Hueber, CEO Cammio, explains: “To date, assessments have primarily been used later on in the candidate selection process, whereas they can provide valuable insights right from the initial application. We now have been able to make e-assessments easily accessible as part of the pre-screening process. This will help both hiring managers and recruiters to make better informed decisions which candidates to spend valuable time with. We believe that this unique combination of video interviews and e-assessments within one integrated platform will be the industry-wide best practice for pre-screening candidates.’’

The first assessments will become available in the Cammio platform as early as February 2014. It will include a proprietary culture scan co-developed with market researcher NewCom (University of Twente) as well as Thalento®’s SCOPE Test (Abstract Reasoning), I-Rater and TH-PQ (Performance Questionnaire). When setting up a Cammio video interview workflow, recruiters simply select anyof these tests to be completed by candidates as part of their pre-screening process. The tests are available for multiple skill levels and job profiles. Earlier this year, Cammio already added pre-defined video question sets in its platform. The upcoming combination with specific pre-screening assessments will allow for more tailored interview templates catering to specific professional groups.


About Cammio:

Cammio ( is a powerful cloud-based video recruitment platform helping candidates and employers towards better hiring matches with a visual first impression. We uniquely combine live and structured video interviews within one integrated platform that is easy and fun to use. Market leaders including ManpowerGroup, SONOS, NS (Dutch Railways) and USG People rely on Cammio to power their daily search for the best candidate while reducing recruitment cost and time-to-hire. Get rid of unnecessary travel and difficult scheduling. No talent to waste with Cammio! Simply interview and value great candidates around the world through your web browser.

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About Thalento®:

Thalento® ( is a leading provider of cloud based e-Assessment & Talent Management solutions. Our products and solutions provide answers to a vast array of Human Resources challenges, from selection through succession planning, competence management, individual development plans to team-benchmarking and 360° questionnaires. Thalento® solutions are scalable and designed to be integrated with all major HRIS and ERP providers. Clients trust our e-Assessment & Talent Management solutions that are already available in 36 languages. Our tools are being used in more than 40 countries. We are dedicated to deliver the best in e-Assessment enabling you to enhance your knowledge and understanding of people, their talents, potential and motivation. The user friendly cloud environment provides you with the right instruments to unleash, manage and develop that valuable people potential.

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