91% growth just doesn’t do it, so let’s partner up!


It was prophetic of William Tincup to put Thalento® in his list of HR Tech companies to watch in 2017 a year ago.

Last year our revenue increased with 91%, our headcount tripled, we acquired an e-learning provider and signed new international partnerships. 2017 was a an excellent year, but these results just fuel our ambition. In today’s hyperactive HR Tech industry we need to develop and grow even faster to stay relevant.

In the next years we want to grow Thalento® to become the market leader in Belgium and a  global player . We’re looking for HR services partners who are equally ambitious to grow with us – especially in the UK, Germany and France

Move over e-assessments, it’s about Workforce Optimisation

When we founded Thalento® back in 2010, we were one of the first e-assessment providers in the cloud. In 2014 a difference in strategic vision led to management splitting ways and the reshuffle of our staff from 12 to 5. The next two years were bumpy, but since the end of 2016 our new vision has started to translate into reality.

From an e-assessment provider we evolved into a tech provider of solutions for workforce optimization covering the entire Talent Life Cycle. Let me briefly explain what these two important concepts mean:

  • Workforce Optimization:

People are and will remain a determining factor in any organisation’s success and it is crucial that you align them with your strategy and vision, that there is a cultural fit, that they have the right mindset to help your organisation and themselves thrive. This continuous alignment between Career Owners (the individual – whether they are employees or freelancers) and your organisation is what we refer to as ‘Workforce Optimization’.

  • The Talent Life Cycle:

Personality remains a relative constant throughout someone’s lifetime. Yet in business we tend to only look at it during the hiring . I am convinced that personality, behaviour and motivation are something that should be taken into account throughout the Talent Life Cycle, from attracting and hiring over coaching and developing people in your organisation until their career reorientation. It provides  insights that will truly lead to workforce optimization.

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Win the War for Talent

It’s my vision that we need solutions that provide an integrated approach, that in return  enables organisations to thrive in the War for Talent. I think it’s a mistake to focus on the difference between what an organisation is looking for and the experience and competencies available in the labour market. I think it’s a misconception that an organisation needs to lower its expectations as some recently declared.

When you focus on mindset and attitude that best fit your organisation, then you can outsmart  the War for Talent. People with this fit will be motivated to easily adopt new skills and competencies. But it’s a fit you don’t discover with gut feeling or attract with stunning employer branding. These are traits, drivers and needs you uncover with objective, validated technology that map someone’s personality, behaviour, motivation and the DNA of your organisation.

It’s a vision we translate into our Workforce Optimisation solutions with the help or our R&D team. Over the past six months we added three PhD’s to this team. Their fields of expertise range from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Big Data, Applied Economics, Psychology and Neuroscience.

Looking for partners

In 2018 we aim to increase our revenue by at least 100% – after this year’s growth double digits aren’t enough anymore. It’s a growth we can’t achieve with only organic growth in our current markets –  Our focus for 2018 is to grow  our footprint throughout Europe.

Today we  have partners in  Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal,The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and Poland. We are aiming to sign additional partners in these countries.

On top of that we are looking to sign new Partners  in the UK, France and Germany in Q2 of 2018, and over the rest of 2018 we are looking to sign Partners all over Europe.

Do you want to be a partner in our expanding success story? Do you share the Thalento® vision? Or do you want to know what our Workforce Optimisation solutions can do for you? Then get in touch!

Together we can make sure Tincup already knows one name to put on his watchlist for the following years.

Ben greeven