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Privacy statement

This privacy statement applies to the website, operated by Thalento® NV (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "us"). We take care of your privacy and always act in accordance with the provisions of the Belgian Privacy Law.

We reserve the right to change this privacy statement at any time. We therefore recommend that you consult this privacy statement on a regular basis.

1. Contact details

Corda Campus – Corda 6
Kempische steenweg 293/35
3500 Hasselt, België
Company number 0830.586.452


2. Definitions


3. Processing your personal data

By using the platform, the website and its services, the user confirms his knowledge and consent with this privacy statement, and consequently the way in which we collect and process personal data, as described in this privacy statement.


4. The personal data processor/controller

4.1. Thalento® as processor

Thalento® is regarded as a processor of personal and biometric data to the extent that it processes the data as instructed by partners and users.  In this case, Thalento® endeavours to take the adequate organisational and technical security measures necessary to protect personal data against fortuitous or unlawful destruction, against fortuitous loss and against changes or access to the data and any other prohibited form of processing your data.

4.2 Thalento® as data controller

Thalento® is regarded as data controller where it determines the purpose of and the means for the processing of personal data. It is only in the case where Thalento® acts in the capacity of data controller that points 5 to 9, inclusive, apply to this privacy statement.


5. Which data is processed?

The personal data processed by Thalento®  is the data that you send to us, which may or may not be as requested by our partner, when you use our website and our platform (by completing questionnaires, for example) and also, the data that we receive from you based on your surfing and clicking behaviour.


6. Purposes for which the data is processed

THALENTO® NV processes the personal data of and answers by respondents (employees, job applicants, freelancers and others) for the following purposes:


7. Rights of the person involved

7.1. Guarantee of lawful and secure processing of personal data

THALENTO® NV always processes personal and biometric data honestly and lawfully and only for the aforementioned expressly outlined and legitimate purposes.

THALENTO® NV has incorporated adequate technical and organisational security measures to protect the privacy of your data and to guarantee that they are processed safely.

Although THALENTO® NV has incorporated organisational and technical security measures to protect the privacy of your data, THALENTO® NV cannot guarantee the security or confidentiality against hackers, others or security defects.

7.2. Right to perusal and correction

Only if THALENTO® NV is the data controller of your personal data do you have a free right of perusal and correction of your personal data vis-à-vis THALENTO® NV.  You can exercise this right by contacting us using the contact details stated above and on condition that you sufficiently identify yourself.

7.3. Right to object to the use of data for direct marketing

You can freely object to the processing of personal data if the processing is done with a view to direct marketing. You can exercise this right by contacting us using the contact data stated above.

7.4. Right to data deletion

You can have the personal data concerning you deleted if it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which is was collected or processed in any other way if you withdraw your processing permission and there are no other prevailing processing grounds, if the personal data has been processed unlawfully or if deleting personal data is necessary to comply with a statutory obligation.


8. Transmitting data to third parties

Transmitting personal data to countries outside the European Union is only allowed if those countries guarantee the same protection level when processing personal data and where the same or similar provisions as those in the Belgian Privacy Law apply. We guarantee that there shall be no transmission to third countries unless the measures necessary to meet the protection requirements as laid down in the Belgian privacy legislation have been taken.


9. Cookies

Cookies are used on this website.  These enable us to collect information on the visitors to our website and platform, and to adjust our services to the visitors’ wishes.

There is a distinction between functional and non-functional cookies.

By using our website, you accept that cookies are filed.

You can adjust your browser settings at all times to refuse cookies and remove any cookies that have already been filed. Be aware that adjusting your browser settings can have an effect on how the website functions.

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