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Freelance HR Plaza


Why the Freelance HR Plaza

In recent years the HR industry has seen spectacular transformation due to the HR Tech (r)evolution and a changed perspective of the Career Owner on work. One of the results is a huge increase in the number of Freelance HR Professionals. They provide services and expertise for HR Service Providers and/or directly to companies, working alone or in cooperation with other HR Freelancers.

At Thalento® we are happy to have welcomed many of them as our valued customers. However, this growing number of Freelance HR clients has also intrigued us. We have been wondering what their expectations are, how we could support and service the Freelance HR Professional in a better, more tailored way.

Today we are ready to launch our answer to this market evolution: The FREELANCE HR PLAZA.

It is an initiative oriented at Freelance HR Professionals all over Europe, who appreciate an easy access to state-of-the-art HR Tech Solutions, tailored to their needs, at an affordable cost and with a minimum of efforts.


What is Freelance HR Plaza

It is a Plaza in the true sense. A place where people meet, exchange information, share experiences and do business.

Our marketplace is oriented exclusively at Freelance HR Professionals.

As to what you can expect, we don’t have a full picture yet, we want to let it grow in an organic way. There are specific topics we do have a clear vision on and then there are others that we would like to discuss and discover with YOU, the Freelance HR Professional.

Right now we are launching the first PLAZA features:


This summer we are embarking on a European tour, to meet and discuss with Freelance HR Professionals all around Europe and learn about their needs and expectations. Our destinations are the major European cities: Paris, Lisbon, Prague, Milan, London… Stay tuned for updates.


This is the place to buy tools & solutions which you can use in your freelance assignments. It is an easy access place tailored exclusively to the Freelance HR Professional (a webshop is in the making).

Sign up as a Plaza Partner and get additional benefits and reductions.


We are curious how you combine holiday and work. So, over the summer we will run the Summer Stories campaign on Facebook and LinkedIn. Why not share your experiences publish an inspiring summer story and post some pictures?

We kick off in July with the first stories, so join us with yours, please and of course we respect your privacy.


Check out the PLAZA MARKET - with our Thalento® Assessments. Click the icons for more information.


Overview of the Plaza Partner Benefits:



Access to the Thalento® Assess Solutions with a personalised Thalento® account.

Create and manage clients and projects.

Direct access to the Thalento® Library including our unique e-learnings.


Become a Plaza Partner

Receive a 20 % discount on ALL Thalento® Assessment Solutions.

Annual membership € 250,-.  

Sign up before 31/12/19 and get your 2019 & 2020 membership for FREE !


Business Commitment

Ready / Tailor made for you! Flexible and simple: just buy what you need when you need it.

Receive only ONE invoice per month.

NO hidden costs - NO license fees.

NO expiry date on purchased solutions.



Plaza Partners can join any Thalento® Training Program and can be certified in the use of Thalento® Assessment Technology.

Receive a 20% reduction on ANY training.

Join in 2019 and get trained FREE of charge by the end of 2019.


What are you waiting for?


Our Commitment

Your individual page on the Plaza Partner website.

Certified Plaza Partners (after training) can receive referral business from Thalento®, such as:

  • Assessments

  • Virtual Assessments

  • Expert Reviews

Plaza Partners can join our User Group Sessions.


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