We shorten your hiring process with at least 4 weeks!

Thalento® & Plann3r integrate to solve hiring bottlenecks.

A recent research on hiring in Belgium, showed that 27% finds the application process too time-consuming and a staggering 63% finds that there are too many application rounds.

That’s why 85% of career owners drops out, the process simply takes too long!  The average hiring time, first contact to contract proposal is following a Dutch research more than 12 weeks,

The reason for this duration is the complexity of fixing meetings. Recruiters spend a lot of time on mailing, calling and texting to plan interviews and meetings.  

We can do better! With Plann3r/Thalento you plan all your meetings with a few clicks in real-time.

We shorten YOUR application process with at least 4 weeks and give you the speed to win the War for Talents.

Just subscribe to Plann3r and start gaining time! It’s always about People…. and their Experience!

We aim for faster & happier Candidates, Recruiters and Hiring Managers.

Want to see it at work and have more information, go to this link.

Any questions? Just reach out and we are happy to help.


Warm regards,

The Thalento® Team

Jeffrey Excelmans