More people insights with the new PNO report

We introduce a PNO (Planning & Organisation) Test Upgrade. Check out what has changes.

Today’s fast changing society obliges us to continuously align our Talent Solutions with the changing expectations. Recently we completed the review of our Planning & Organisation Test (PNO Test). Today we proudly launch the renewed version, thus completing the review cycle of our current offering of Cognitive & Ability Tests.

More people insights with the new PNO report

Our revision results in a more detailed report that describes the different aspects related to planning & organising skills. The extended insights enable you to better understand the capabilities and is a solid basis for better informed decisions. This ultimately results in a better hire of the right talents that deliver the required business objectives.

What’s new?

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The PNO report provides scores on 4 domains:  

Task orientation: provides information on the actual completion of the given task. The score indicates, to what extent a participant follows instructions when performing a task. A key indicator to determine if the task/assignment presented will get done according to guidelines.

Efficiency: in return reflects on the efficiency of the participant in using the available resources in order to get the job done. In other words applying the best possible strategy when completing a task.

Duration: offers insights on the actual speed of completion. An important criteria in order to understand the capability to perform assignments in a fast way.

Scored points: This final score combines the three scores and evaluates the participant in overall way. Meaning the ability to get the job done, in an efficient way implementing the best possible strategy and in the fastest way.

For more details and information on the interpretation of the report we refer to our technical manual.

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