Join the Talentree platform with a discount

Are you interested in highly skilled, multicultural talent? Talentree has an interesting offer for you. Thalento® customers can get introduced to the Talentree platform with a discount.

Diversity as the new normal in Belgian business life - also for your company?

The war for talent - especially for highly skilled profile - is high on the agenda. On the other hand we have some untapped talent pools, strongly engaged to make a difference for Belgian companies. Multicultural talents like expats, newcomers, students are still underrepresented in Belgium, far below European average. Where and how to find these best talents, isn’t an easy task mainly because their networks and those of your company don’t cross.

Companies who are ready to strategically place diverse talent into their companies are one step ahead. They have a more rich talent pool to tap into to support them in their growth, internationalisation and innovation policy. Recent McKinsey research shows that companies with ethnic diversity in their top layers financially outperform their national competitors because of stronger decision making, better customers connections, higher employee engagement and the ability to attract the best talents.

That’s why Talentree sees diversity as an asset and wants to make it the new normal in business life. In 2017 Talentree launched a job platform where companies can place their vacancies for highly-skilled multicultural talents and find fully screened profiles ready for the job market. And that is where Thalento® comes in. Thalento® is closely cooperating with Talentree to screen the competences and attitudes as a first and important step in the screening process. New target groups are analysed and tests are strengthened.

In case you are also looking for highly-skilled talents, we have an interesting offer for you; Get introduced to Talentree and get a reduced rate of 500 euro versus 1000 euro as a Thalento® customer for your spot on the job platform when booking before 31 May 2018. This gives you the opportunity to post up to 5 vacancies rotating for 6 months.

Subscription on this offer via this link.