Taking HR Solutions to the next level


... Optimisation: Taking HR Solutions to the next level

In recent years, we have seen an explosion of tools and technology used in the HR Industry. Hundreds of start-ups are focusing on different aspects of the Talent Life Cycle and all creating out new solutions. Organisations worldwide have, at last, embraced this change that is raging through the HR Industry and are automating their processes and procedures rapidly. Unfortunately, all too often without understanding the real needs or asking the right questions, and often rushing in head over heels.

The Talent Shortage

At the same time we are experiencing a global talent shortage. Temp agencies are struggling with their conversion rates, recruitment companies can’t find the right people (fast enough or at all) and millennials don’t speak the same language as their corporate employers. Organisations are struggling to hold on to their talents and disrupted industries are having too many highly, yet wrongly trained people.

Those challenges and their impact may vary on a regional level, but in overall this is globally the same challenge.

Standard answers or the next version of faster and better won’t suffice anymore, Career Owners and Organisations need to find a new balance.


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