Announcement: The next milestone for Thalento®

We are proud to announce that the Belgian market leader in HR-software Prato has taken an interest (35%) in Thalento® Online Talent Technology. This international software company, with its roots in Belgium – Hasselt, specialised in recent years in the development of SaaS e-Assessment & Talent Management solutions.

With this new participation, Thalento® and Prato take another step in their ambition to offer one HR-platform supporting all aspects of HR. The current leadership team of Thalento® remains responsible for the execution of this strategy.

Prato is already for years the Belgian specialist in HR-software for flex labour market. The Limburg based company has become the Belgian market leader in software for temp agencies and service voucher companies. Within the framework of the new HR-trend to integrate as much external knowledge as possible in software, Prato operates a comprehensive HR-platform, automating and accelerating the HR-processes. Prato develops its own modules or integrates third parties’ software. In the recent past, Prato has already taken participations in companies providing niche solutions for HR such as Actonomy (cv matching), Cognosis (competency management), HR Technologies (recruitment software) and from today in Thalento® (e-Assessment & Talent Management solutions).



CEO Thalento® explains: “The participation of Prato offers Thalento® the possibility to enhance

our future growth ambitions”, says Ben Greeven, CEO Thalento®. “Thanks to our software, Prato can offer its clients the possibility to use e-Assessments and other talent modules to acquire insight in the present and future talent." The HR software knowledge of Prato is a welcome addition to offer to our partners and clients and to be integrated in our platform.

Previously, the investment company of Limburg LRM had already shown its confidence in the potential of Thalento®. Today, Prato takes over the participation of LRM. Ben Greeven: “Thalento® was actively looking for a partner with expertise in the HR market to reach its next milestone." The first project is already started. Prato and Thalento® have started to develop a special temp assessment suite, exclusively for the temp market in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Enhancing once more its position as the specialist in HR-software.