Look what we have in store for you in January 2018

A new year and a new chapter for our Thalento® solutions. We are starting 2018 with a first series of brand new tests, some upgrades and new features to better serve your needs.

#1 The next generation of cognitive tests

On January 15th 2018 we launch a major release which includes a complete revision of ALL the Thalento® cognitive tests.

On average test developers in the market perform such an update every 10 to 15 years, which we think is too slow in this day and age. The next generation now includes 2 sets of cognitive tests, a Fixed & Randomised version where the Randomised version is the Standard and the Fixed is only available on request.

All cognitive tests have been analysed and evaluated on performance and predictability. On the basis of this research they were adapted where needed. The result is a completely revised and redesigned series of cognitive tests (abstract, numeric and verbal), an updated validation and new norm groups.

1.     New Cognitive Suites: Randomised and Fixed


The Randomised Suite composes a unique set of test items for every participant. The Fixed Suite uses a fixed set of items.

We also integrated our VALIDATE module into the Cognitive Suite. The VALIDATE makes it possible to re-test/validate those participants who completed their tests off-site and thus qualifies or proofs their results. A truly unique feature that we have tested extensively with our clients over the last 2 years.


2.    New Norm Groups

On the basis of our data and in combination with the revision of the Cognitive Suite we conducted an analysis of the collected norm data. Our R&D department has generated new and adapted norm groups for a broad selection of countries and reference groups. More will follow over the next months.


#2 The invite re-invented

The INVITE process needed more than a makeover. In a first step, that will also be released on January 15th 2018 we introduce a new look & feel. We have furthermore added, some ease of use logic and integrated user friendly icons with stronger visuals, resulting in an easier and more fluent INVITE process. Inviting candidates has never been easier! We hope you like it and await your feedback.

For the next phase of the makeover we are completely re-designing the entire process.


#3 Participants deserve a feedback/report

The one feedback we often get when talking to applicants & participants is: ‘why don’t we get the results of our assessment’. They are rightly frustrated and in our opinion deserve that kind of personal feedback.

From the responses which Karen received on her video, we understand it can be time consuming and difficult for recruiters to provide such personal feedback.

At Thalento® we are interested in making your life easier and participants happy. So we have added a feature that allows you to send any report to the participant without any hassle. With just one click you can now provide the participant with any or multiple report(s) straight from the Thalento® platform.

To have more information or to activate this feature, please contact our platform coordinator Els.

These are the upgrades which we will launch in January, but they won't be the only ones in 2018! We'll keep you posted!

In the meanwhile feel free to send us your feedback on info@thalento.com.


The Thalento® Team