Celebrating our 5th year anniversary

We exist 5 years and we like to celebrate this with you.

Because our motto is, "It's about people". Thanks to our customers, we achieved our goals, and we are convinced that we must stay loyal to them. So what will we do? We treat our customers of course!!! This anniversary year will be noticed by all our loyal customers! In February we therefore start our 'We love you' Cupcake Surprise, a campaign in cooperation with www.cakeandsteak.eu – a young start-up that will be supported in this way – by Thalento®.

Those who have been working with us for 5 years, we will wrap in cotton wool. Already a user of our e-Assessment & Talent Management Cloud platform from the start in 2011? Then we will thank you for all the support and trust with a tasty surprise. Because the best way to the heart is also through the stomach. Throughout 2016, each month, we will contact all those customers that have had an active login to the Thalento® platform for 5 years in that specific month, and present them a little gift.

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See you soon!
The Thalento® Team