Match&Hire: The first '360° Talent Profiler'

Actonomy and Thalento® are pleased to introduce and unleash the new power of matching and online screening!

The first '360° Talent Profiler'

The right fit with Match & Hire

Hiring is complex – time consuming and an increasing challenge. But in the end it is about selecting the right people. People that fit the expectation, the team and the goals.

Our integrated technology generates:

  • 360° Talent Profiles of Hard and Soft skills

  • Answers to the cultural- and organisational fit

  • Validated scores


3 small steps with Match & Hire make a giant leap in selection:

1. The Candidate CV is uploaded and processed
2. The e- Assessment is added and analysed
3. The single 360° Talent Profile combining experience, aspirations, personality, motivation and compentencies is created.

To top it off, the Match & Hire open API’s secure easy integration with existing ATS and HRIS systems.

So, what are you waiting for, get in touch and experience Match & Hire.

The power of Thalento® and Actonomy combined in one tool


Matching expectations is our expertise. Match & Hire matches the best of our two technologies:

  1. Semantics by Actonomy:
    Candidate profiles are analysed with the powerful Actonomy semantic technology. The result is an enriched profile with explicit information on skills, industry experience and interests.

  2. Thalento® e-assessments:
    Peope take the Thalento® Personality & Motivation assessment resulting in objective and validated behaviour, motivation and competency data.

This combined is the Match & Hire 360° Talent Profile, and is your gateway to the perfect fit.

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