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Thalento® announces a partnership with ElaN Languages to integrate Language Testing into the Thalento® e-Assessment Solutions.

Hasselt, Belgium | May 19, 2014 - Thalento®, a leading SaaS provider of e-Assessment & Talent Management solutions and ElaN Languages, an established B2B language services agency, announced a business partnership today to address the growing market demand for the integration of language tests into the wide range of online Thalento® e-Assessment solutions.

he partnership between Thalento® and ElaN Languages includes the choice of Thalento® as the exclusive distributor of the ElaN Languages Tests and the seamless  integration into the Thalento® e-Assessment & Talent Management Cloud. With this integration, Thalento® strengthens its market position and competitive offering, becoming an all-in-one HR solution platform for online e-Assessments Cognitive, Skills & Languages Testing and Competency & Talent Management.


Combination of soft and hard skill testing

Identifying talents and matching people & functions is essential to the success of every company. Thalento® provides clear and tailored answers to the ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions of People and their Talents, through a combination of soft skills e-Assessments (personality, capability, motivation, etc.) and hard skills tests (reasoning, accuracy, function-specific skills, etc.) .

Ben Greeven (CEO Thalento®): “We already had an extensive portfolio of cognitive, ability & skills tests but we were missing language tests in our offering. It was clear from the beginning that ElaN Languages would the ideal partner for us; our experience with languages as a core Thalento competence and our extensive market experience with language providers only confirmed that.

Besides the fact that ElaN Languages has acquired the European EN 15038 quality standard for translation services, it also has an extensive global network of more than 2.000 experienced translators worldwide.

As a result, ElaN Languages is perfectly placed to support our Thalento® partners and distributors around the world, which is essential for us.”


Objective insight into the candidate’s language level

Peter Vaes, Business Development Director and co-founder of ElaN Languages: "As a service provider of B2B language training companies, we also offer effective solutions for the selection and recruitment of employees. Our language tests are an important measure in any recruitment and selection process. Our online language tests provide an accurate insight into the candidate's language competence and proficiency. Combined with the other Thalento® e-Assessments, it gives a complete profile, including not only the performance, motivation and skills of a candidate, but their language level as well.”

As of May 20, 2014 a first group of language tests will be available in the Thalento® platform in Dutch, French, German, Spanish and English. Other languages will be added soon.

Contact Thalento® for more information on +32 11 28 62 42 or by email: info@thalento.com.


About ElaN:


ElaN Languages (www.elanlanguages.com) has delivered B2B language services at home and abroad for 25 years. Our products include specialised translations, customised language training programmes, online language coaching and interpreting services. 

ElaN empowers companies by offering language screening and online language testing for the selection and recruitment of new employees.

Our language agency has branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Russia and has a global network of 2,000 translators and trainers at its disposal. ElaN was the first Belgian agency to achieve the EN 15038 European quality standard for translation services. Fourteen years ago, ElaN also received the Qfor quality label for training services.

More information:

Johan Noël (Int. Business Development Director) | Tel: +32 11 79 05 23 | Email: johannoel@elanlanguages.com


About Thalento®:

Thalento® (www.thalento.com) is about People and Talents

As a leading provider of cloud/SaaS based e-Assessment & Talent Management solutions, we deliver results-oriented answers for Selection, Retention, Succession Planning, Competency Management and Talent Development.

Our Talent Analytics provide valuable insights into your organisation’s future. We are dedicated to the ultimate User Experience and the focus on integration and extreme adaptability is a part of our DNA.

We Assess, Manage, Develop and Connect Talent. 
Thalento® provides answers to the WHY and HOW questions of People and their Talents. Clients use our solutions, available in 20 languages, in 40 countries around the world.

More information:

Ben Greeven (CEO) | Tel: +32 11 28 62 42 | ben.greeven@thalento.com