LearningApp® presents Thalento® at ExpoTraining 2013.

As exclusive Strategic Partner for Italy, LearningApp® will be taking part in the second edition of ExpoTraining (www.expotraining.it) to present Thalento®, an online platform for e-Assessments and Talent Management solutions. The exhibiton will be held on October 17th and 18th, 2013 at Fiera Milano City and will host the best Italian training & consulting companies. What better occasion, to present such an innovative and revolutionary tool for companies and HR specialists?

Thalento® products and solutions have been designed to provide answers to a vast array of Human Resources challenges such as Assessments, Selection and Pre-Selection Processes, Potential Determination, Competency Mapping, Cultural Fit, Succession Planning, …. Thanks to a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art tests & questionnaires and an extensive range of Performance & Capability reports, Thalento® delivers evidence-based answers, in 36 languages, supported with outstanding graphics and tailored to your demands. All this operated on a highly secured Cloud and user-friendly environment, in real time.

LearningApp® and Thalento® share the convinction that HR specialists and departments need advanced tools to manage & train their Talents efficiently. The strenght of this Strategic Parternship between LearningApp® and Thalento® lies in the local presence of LearningApp® in Italy and their expertise to offer technologically advanced HR solutions aligned with local culture and values, integrated with the global vision of Thalento®.

As a company specialized in providing advanced tools to HR, LearningApp® could not miss this opportunity to present also the latest version of her well-known mobile learning platform: LearningApp® 2.0.


To find out more about Thalento® and LearningApp® 2.0 meet us at ExpoTraining in Milan and register for our workshops:

1. Mobile learning for more effective training: LearningApp®

The main goals of this workshop are to illustrate the main advantages of using mobile learning in adult education and “on-the-job” training. What really sets LearningApp® apart from common learning platforms is that it is accessible from smartphone and tablet and of course PC, as it was conceived specifically for mobile learning. The new version of the platform is much easier to use and new features made it even more interactive.

Conference Room:  Meeting 8


2. Technology at the service of HR Specialists: Thalento® e-Assessment & Talent Management Solutions

The challenges facing HR Specialists are constantly evolving, therefore they need advanced technological tools and various specialised solutions to ensure a successful Talent Management. Illustration of the main advantages that new technologies have brought to HR field and presentation of the Thalento® platform for e-Assessments and Talent Management.

Conference Room:  Meeting 8