Thalento workshop in Prague and Bratislava: A new generation of HR technologies

Last month Jochen Bessemans and Ben Greeven did a workshop for HR people on the impact digitalisation and HR technology on HR. This is what one of the organizers had to say about the workshop.

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Technology is dramatically changing the nature of work with people in companies. Managers and HR professionals should acquaint themselves quickly with these technologies if they want to maintain their competitiveness.

What changes are already taking place in HR? What awaits us in the years ahead? What technological tools are available? How should we behave in order to survive?

These questions were answered by Ben Greeven, founder of the Thalento® company and co-founder of the HR Tech Valley cluster in Belgium, at the “New Solutions for Talent Management” workshop.

Jochen Bessemans, manager and technology “evangelist” from the HR Tech Valley led the workshop together with Ben. They both came to Prague to talk about the future of human resources management and the technological revolution.

HR technology vs. Workforce technology

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“Let’s stop talking about HR technology since it evokes a shallow conclusion that we use technology to organise human resources. Let’s talk about Workforce technology and let’s show interest in people and not just figures,” says Greeven.

The current task and challenge for HR professionals is to change behaviour within companies. It is important to start working with employees as the most important element for the proper functioning of the company as a whole, and not just as numbers in the eyes of management.

The current state of technologies can quickly help identify the strengths of individuals and teams, as well as optimise the operation of companies by using the right mix of technology and working with people.

The era of hyperactivity: boom in the HR technology market

Pay a huge amount for a job ad in some printed media and wait for someone to react.

Until 2000, this was common practice when reaching out to potential candidates. After 2000, however, advertising began to move very quickly to the Internet.

Since 2011, according to Greeven, the real era of hyperactivity has emerged – an era of acquisitions of companies creating new technologies for HR that continues to escalate even today.

SAP, for example, took over Success FactorsOracle took over TaleoIBM took over Kenexa. Since 2015 there have been hundreds of acquisitions worth trillions of dollars; these merged companies are significantly growing and are predicted to have a bright future.

The problem is not obtaining data, but using it

Many technology tools only work with static data that is only current at the moment when we receive it.

“According to a study, 73% of the candidates’ contacts we have in our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) are invalid,” Greeven explains.

However, the new generation of technologies already offers tools able to work with up-to-date data and, for example, evaluate personalities by analysing people’s personal profiles on Facebook.

Terms such as machine learning or artificial intelligence are becoming discussed more and more in HR.

These tools by no means the music of the future: they are already with us here and now. Thanks to them, in the near future HR people will be able to… read the full article

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