PERFORM Training

Objective: The enhance the understanding and interpretation of the Thalento® PERFORM ReportThe PERFORM is a broad spectrum behavioural model, that offers a reliable and nuanced view of an individual's functioning in a professional context on the basis of 30 behavioural and motivational indicators.

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MANAGE Training

Objective: During this training you will acquire insight in the Thalento® MANAGE Report, the Thalento® Big Five personality model, and finally the characteristic motivators etc.



Objective: This training aims to enhance the interpretation of the Thalento® SALES Report. The SALES is a professional model for the improvement of the performance, the activities and the development potential in a commercial role or setting.

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RETAIL Training

Objective: The RETAIL training is focused on enhancing the interpretation of the Thalento® RETAIL Profile. The Thalento® RETAIL Profile is the result of an extensive research conducted in cooperation with European companies in the retail sector. The RETAIL Profile offers clear information on the capabilities, attention areas and drivers of (future) employees in a retail setting.

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Objective: During this extensive and detailed training with practical business cases the future CERTIFIED Thalento® ASSESSOR learns hands-on and in depth how to work, understand, interpret and offer feedback while working with the different Thalento® e-Assessment tools.

They learn how to function in various assessment setting.