Since the start of the Thalento® Academy in 2010 we have focused initially on the delivery of Training Programs to numerous dedicated HR Professionals all over Europe.

Today our offering includes Open Class and In-House Programs, on our assessment solutions,  all targeted at making you proficient in the use of Thalento® assessments.

Next to Training Programs, the Academy organises User Groups Meetings where Thalento® users can exchange findings, discuss views and engage with Thalento® Certified Assessors.

The Academy also develops all training material.


Training Programs


Open Class Trainings


In-Company Trainings

Objective: In-company training sessions are organised by customer's request and are in general intended for larger groups or focused training topics.


User Groups

The Thalento® User Group is an expert community for Thalento® users and is intended to stimulate and promote an exchange of information, experiences and knowledge in general. It is the ideal way to learn from other Thalento® users, to discuss and exchange views with our team members and Certified Partners.