Privacy & Disclaimer

The Future Project is developed for young people, age 18 to 25 years, who are at the verge of their professional career or have already started it. The Future Project aims to provide them with an insight into their personality and behaviour. Participating in The Future Project is completely free for young people within the target group.

The report of The Future Project will be generated directly out of the results of the online TH-PQ Personality Questionnaires. Hence, the general subjective nature of judgments based on questionnaires has to be taken into consideration when interpreting these results.

Thalento® accepts no liability regarding the variation in interpretation whilst judging these results nor for the consequences of the use of this report and the decisions formulated on basis of this report.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Under no circumstances will Thalento® or any related companies, subsidiaries contact you for further information, commercial or any other purpose. We further more commit ourselves to only use the submitted information for research purposes. Thalento® commits itself to render all received data anonymous and disconnect all personal information from the submitted data. Thalento® will only contact you following a personal and written request from you.

The findings of our research will be published on our website and through selected media channels.

All requests for further information or feedback need to be initiated by the participant and directed at