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Based on years of experience we have acquired an extensive expertise in the interpretation of Thalento® reports and the delivery of assessments and development centers. Together with our Partners we have established a network of trained experts delivering high quality HR consultancy.


Introduced in 2014 in Belgium we have perfected the Expert Advice. Over 200 customers have experienced the added value of over 3.500 written Expert Advice comments.

An Expert Advice is the ideal second opinion, or the support of trained experts when you are making an important decision.

The Thalento® Expert Advice is the perfect solution when an assessment center is not an option due to cost or time.  

Expert Advice (EA)

The Expert Advice is a personally written (not computer generated) detailed expert analysis. It offers a comprehensive description and a clear conclusion on the findings of the selected report.

An Expert Advice is always delivered by a Certified Thalento® Assessor, in the language of your preference.

The Thalento® Expert Review is uploaded in the TH-Cloud within the 48 hours.

Available in Dutch-French-English-German-Polish-Italian.



Expert Feedback (EF)

The Expert Feedback is a personal video or telco feedback, discussing the details and conclusions of delivered Expert Advice. The Expert Feedback is always delivered by a Certified Thalento® Assessor.   


Consultancy Projects

Thalento®  and its Partner Network combine their expertise to deliver a broad consulting services. We operate in a uniform, efficient and result oriented way.

Thalento® Technology has a pivotal role in all our projects, that goes from People Analytics to Competency Framework development and massive staffing challenges.

We promote knowledge transfer and strive to embed our expertise in your organisation.