BYTE - Build Your Test Environment

BYTE is a unique in-house developed Test & Survey eco-system. It combines all our expertise and knowledge into a Test building tool for professionals that want to build their own tests. It is efficient and easy to use and customisable to your needs. The ideal solution for your test building needs.


How does it work?


Select your template and test type and off you are!   

It’s got lots of features build in...drop-down lists, a timer... way too much to list. Just try it!

Build and save your test and its ready to use!


  • Multiple choice

  • Yes/No

  • Open text fields

  • Scenario based text/(audio/video files)

  • Complete the sentence

  • Question and answer

  • Ordering


The build in reporting module is a user friendly report builder, with a series of designed in features, that we continue to expand.

  • bar chart - vertical or horizontal

  • a pie chart

  • ...


De BYTE Calc engine contains the logic you need to manage collected data. It contains a series of standard features that we can expand with customer specific needs.    

  • the amount

  • the highest value (max)

  • the lowest value (min)

  • the percentage

  • the score (x/y)

  • the score on 5/10/20

  • ...


Integrate your corporate identity or logo!

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