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Thalento® speaker on the EAWO Psychology Group Meeting

datum: 02 / 10 / 2012
The upcoming EAWOP (European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology) group meeting on 12th and 13th of September 2012, brings together two related yet distinct streams of literature on job transitions: occupational health psychology and career research. Both fields share the idea that the labour market has become more volatile and job transitions more common, and that this trend will likely continue also in the future. However, they clearly differ in their view on job transitions.

Occupational health research has traditionally focused upon potential risks associated with job transitions: examples are work stress and increased job insecurity. By way of contrast, career research has more often investigated benefits associated with job transitions based on the idea of individual responsibility and agency in shaping careers. EAWOP believe that an exchange of perspectives may inspire discussions and bring along new insights, which we see as the overall aim of this meeting.

To achieve this aim, they have collected a set of 19 papers which offer a broad perspective on job transitions, including themes related to what individuals and organisations can do to promote successful transitioning, and accounting for the problems of specific groups and underprivileged workers. Moreover, Prof. Dr. John Arnold has accepted their invitation to feature as a keynote speaker on the topic of job transitions.

After two days of acadamical reviews, Thalento will provide a brief review of the papers and discuss the different questions and challenges of companies worldwide.

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