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Mega lancering in Thalento® Cloud

datum: 15 / 01 / 2018
Zoals beloofd vinden jullie vanaf 15 januari enkele nieuwe opwindende zaken in de Thalento® Cloud. Onderstaand nieuwsbericht is enkel beschikbaar in het Engels.

We are very proud to launch the next generation of cognitive tests, the updated invite process and upgraded results page.

Because of this huge release we share a webinar video to show and explain the upgrades on the invite process and the results page. Additionally there is a FAQ document available which deals with the most important and frequent questions about the next generation of cognitive tests.
Let’s walk you through the upgrades in detail.


#1 There will be 2 Cognitive Suites with VALIDATE module

The next generation of cognitive tests consists of a Randomised and Fixed Suite.
The Randomised Suite is the standard Cognitive Test Suite and the Fixed Suite is only available on request.

What’s new?

  1. The Randomised Suite composes a unique set of test items for every participant.
  2. Validate : Do you want to make sure that the participants who completed their tests off-site really took them? You now have the possibility to do a VALIDATE module. The VALIDATE retests and calculates a probability score whether the right participant has completed both tests.
  3. New norm groups : All participants will be compared to new and adapted norm groups. We are very proud to offer renewed norm groups, 3 years faster than the market standards.


#2 Revamped INVITE process

We introduce a new look & feel for the invite process of participants. By changing text into visuals and adding user friendly icons we launch a much easier and fluent invite process.
Let’s go through some of the visuals.


You have the possibility to invite 1 participant, import multiple participants or use short codes.

The ‘Select a test batch’ button will now be activated in all accounts.
This is an ideal tool to create a set of fixed tests linked to returning functions.


You can now visually choose the tests and norm groups the participants will be invited for.

#3 The results page goes visual!

We added some ease of use logic and integrated more user friendly icons resulting in a clear and renewed results page.

Let’s dive into a visual.

New to the results page is the button to automatically send any report directly to the participant.


These upgrades are a first step in our focus on customer experience which will be a driving force in 2018 and 2019.

You can expect more to come!

In the meanwhile feel free to send us your feedback on
Warm regards,
The Thalento® Team

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