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Alle Thalento® Talent Solutions direct in Carerix

datum: 22 / 03 / 2018
Carerix gebruikers hebben nu volledige toegang tot al onze Talent Solutions rechtstreeks binnen de Carerix omgeving. Check onze video om te ontdekken hoe deze integratie eruit ziet binnen het Carerix platform. Onderstaand nieuwsbericht is enkel beschikbaar in het Engels.

Since March 2017 Carerix users have the possibility to use the Thalento® personality & motivation, cognitive & ability tests directly within the Carerix platform. Our Talent Solutions provide talent intelligence to attract the right people and motivate, manage and develop talents on their journey to a next career move.


The Carerix-Thalento® integration resulted in more than 10 international customers. This success and the increased demand for more Thalento® Talent Solutions caused a logical step in the cooperation; a full integration of all our solutions in the Carerix platform.


Starting March 5th 2018 Carerix users have full access to all Talent Solutions. They can create competency profiles, implement our language tests, visualise teams with our TeamView, integrate our career counselling tools and even create their own tests.


How? A single click on the Thalento® tab takes you there.


This full integration has additional benefits for Carerix users, they now have direct access to all the Thalento® Talent Solutions and can work directly in Thalento® Cloud within the Carerix environment. The result is a higher usability & more convenience.


We made a small video to show what this full integration looks like in the Carerix platform. Our colleague Tijmen explains you the steps in the invitation process and tells you more about the results page.



Interested in working with us through the Carerix platform? Contact Tijmen for more information.


Warm regards,

The Thalento® Team

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