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The Project

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur and start your own company?

Why do people have the urge to start their own business and create a new product or solution. They work long, hard hours, push to get to the next stage and often invest their savings.

What drives them? Is there a particular entrepreneur personality or is it a combination of traits or behaviours?

We are eager to learn.

The Start-Up DNA is a European project, aimed at understanding the uniqueness, if any, of entrepreneurs. We want to learn the specifics of industries, entrepreneurial roles, the dynamics of cooperation, but also the influence of geographic regions and their influence on the entrepreneurs.

The bottom line? We want to unravel the DNA of the Start-Up Entrepreneur.


Because for years I wanted to know: “why I became an entrepreneur?” But lately I’ve become also professionally intrigued. I want to understand why large groups of people are attracted to the life of Start-Up Entrepreneur.

It is our ambition to collect sufficient relevant data from Start-Up Entrepreneurs to determine the Start-Up DNA Profile. Next, we want to detect and provide evidence based insights to today’s and tomorrow’s Start-up Entrepreneurs. Insights on how to harness and develop their capabilities, understand their motivations, optimise their strengths and compensate their weaknesses. Advise them on the domains where they need to look for a partner that “completes” them.

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How do we plan to achieve this?

The Start-Up DNA Project is an cooperation between Thalento® & Keystone Consulting. We intend to collect validated data on individual Start-Up Entrepreneurs on European scale.

The information is collected through assessments and tests already used by companies and Start-Ups in Europe. This project implements 2 tests and survey designed by Thalento®.


1. Thalento® Personality and Motivation Questionnaire


2. SCOPE: an Abstract Reasoning Test.


3. Survey on practical details, such as industry, role, age, education.


The combination of these tests will deliver a broad spectrum insight into Personality traits, Motivational Drivers, Potential and Cognitive abilities of Start-Up Entrepreneurs.

Taking the batch will require an investment of your time, some 45’.

On privacy and GDPR: we are fully compliant and confirm that all data will be used only after your explicit consent and only for the purpose of the Start-Up Entrepreneur project. All data will be rendered anonymous. No commercial initiative will be taken on the basis of provided data.


Why would you join?

Great question!

Don’t you want to know yourself if there’s such a thing as a predefined successful Start-Up DNA? Aren’t you interested to find out how you relate to colleagues - entrepreneurs? Wouldn’t you like to find out what your ideal professional match is?

If you are not interested or don’t care, then don’t sign up!

But if you do sign up and join the Start-Up DNA Project, we will ask 45’ of your time and offer you in return:

  1. Your personal profile, delivered directly after completing the tests.

  2. A monthly // quarterly update on the Project and the mapping of data.

  3. Your Start-Up DNA Profile, and mapping, once the data is processed.

  4. Your copy of final Report on the Project.


Can we count you in?



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