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Expert reviews

Our Expert Reviews are the qualitative answer to expensive assessments! They provide to the point information.

They are ideal as a second opinion, or just an expert advice on making the right difficult decision. With the Expert Advise you have an independent expert on call that is best placed to offer valuable insights. It is also used as a valuable learning tool serving as a training instrument for internal HR experts.

geschreven toelichtingen

Expert Review-Written (TH +)

When you need more feedback or need to hear it from the expert. The Thalento® report of your choice is analysed and commented in detail by a Certified Thalento® Assessor, in the language of your preference.


Expert Analyse - TH-PIExpert Review - TH-MCITH-SCI

The result, a personally written (non computer generated) and detailed report, that provides a tailored and clear conclusion on the findings of the e-assessment and a to-the-point advise.

When a function description is provided we can add clear recommendations. 

The Thalento® Expert Review is delivered within the 48 hours in the language (Dutch, French, English) of your choice.


mondelinge toelichtingen

Expert Review - Verbal (TH X)

On request a Certified Thalento® Assessor is available to discuss any Thalento® Expert Review.  This service undoubtedly is an added value to any selected report.

A Certified Thalento® Assessor explains the selected report and provides clear and to-the-point feedback on the results.



Assessment center

Assessment Centers

In close cooperation with our local Partners we offer highly qualified Assessment Services. We provide a central managed service that adheres to agreed standards and can be tailored to fit your needs. Certified Thalento® Assessments and Assessment Centers deliver a substantiated answer on capabilities, competencies and motivation, and the match with your expectations.

Our Assessment Centers can contain specific sets of in-tray exercises, practical simulations and roleplays. These are intended to measure the competency level of the participant and the match with the functional requirements.

  • Simulation exercises

Our Assessment Centers are always performed by at least two experienced and Certified Thalento® Assessors to preserve the quality and objectivity.

development center

Development Centers

Development Centers aim to identify strengths and development areas. Contrary to an Assessment Center the focus is on the development of potential.


  • Identify and develop talents and competencies.
  • Determine the potential in the organisation.
  • Stimulate the use of a PDP .

A detailed feedback guarantees a proven insight into the personal strengths and development areas. These and the objectives are compiled in a Personal Development Plan (PDP).


Consultancy Projects

Building on our e-Assessment and Talent Solutions, Thalento®  and its Partners leverage their expertise  to deliver a broad array of consulting services. Our Partner Network operates global. We guarantee a uniform, fast and efficient delivery.

In all projects, the Thalento® technology has a pivotal role.

We promote knowledge transfer and work to embed the required expertise in your organisation.

Our projects are people oriented and communication is always our point of departure.

Want to learn more? Contact us. For more information; see Knowledge center

A selection of recent projects: Ask for our project references



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