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Cubes Competentiekaarten

CUBES Competency Cards

The Thalento® CUBES Competency Cards are developed to support all your Competency and/or Talent Management activities.  The set consists of 52 multifunctional competency cards, completed with 9 useful support cards and a practical user guide. Each competency (card) is described with the definition of the competency and details of the behavioural characteristics on 3 levels.

CUBES Competency Cards allow to translate your competenies into every day practise. Starting with a uniform concept and clear descriptions they offer an ideal and solid basis to;



Order here your COMPETENCY CARDS

Only € 95 per set!(*)

Available in English, Dutch, French & Spanish.

For further information on the possible applications, contact us

* If you already use the CUBES Competency Suite within the Thalento® Cloud.  If you're not , the price is € 250 per set.




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