Industry Solutions

Thalento® is globally active in almost every industry. Over the years, together with our international partners, we have developed valuable expertise in various industries. This has resulted in sector expertise and specific sector solutions. Industry Solutions that incorporate specific sector requirements. Also Models and Assessments applicable throughout the broader industry.




We have a long history of working with the Healthcare industry. The Thalento® LEAN Model (2011) was developed in cooperation with a Dutch Foundation active in the Healthcare industry.

Today several hospitals rely on Thalento® technology for their e-Assessments and Competency Frameworks. In close cooperation with our Partners we deliver Assessment Centres, Development Centres and provide expertise in the development of Competency Frameworks.

In cooperation with KdG University College in 2017 we released Verzorgen Zonder Zorgen (VZZ); a tool to prevent Burn Out by means of diagnostic and interactive e-learning.


Burn Out Solution for nurses

Healthcare, Verzorgen Zonder Zorgen

Verzorgen Zonder Zorgen (currently ONLY available in Dutch) is an interactive e-learning solution oriented at nurses. It aims to make nurses more resilient to stress and burn-out.

The application was scientifically validated and developed within the Expertise Centre for Psychological Well-being in Patient Care at the Karel de Grote University College in Antwerp.

In close cooperation with KdG, Thalento® optimised the VZZ application to a user-friendly e-learning solution.




The global Automotive industry is faced with disruption. Whether that is the impact of new technologies arriving at a rapid pace or the increasing global shortage of talent. The challenges are multiple and here to stay. Thalento® has accumulated a broad experience in designing and delivering solutions.

Competency Mapping  

Together with our Russian Partner, HR Solutions, we designed a tailored Competency Assessment for MAN Russia. We adapted our Cubes Competency Framework to fit the MAN requirements, integrated their knowledge & expertise tests into our BYTE application to deliver a complete Competency Assessment. This within a fully tailored MAN corporate identity setting.

People Analytics 

Detecting the correlation between motivational criteria and attrition rate is only one of the applications we have developed for the Automotive industry. 

Our People Analytics practice and our R&D, working closely with our Slovak Partner, have undertaken an interesting project to analyse the potential of an underlying relationship between the motivational status of team leaders and the overall attrition rate.

Skill Alignment

The challenges in the automotive sales channels are increasing! How do dealers handle the "informed" customer? What skill set/competences does the sales advisor of tomorrow need to have?

Questions we assist European car manufacturers, looking to adapt to these challenges, with.

We determine the required skill set, create future proof competency frameworks, map the existing capabilities and determine the potential for growth. Next, we design assessment tools, create and deliver training and coaching programs.


HR Service Providers

HR Service Providers


The changes in the World of Work are disrupting the HR Services industry in a fundamental way. Thalento® has its roots in this industry. We are developing new solutions, such as the Flex Model or hiring solutions together with ATS providers.

Changing markets need new business models that in return lead to changes in required competences. Needless to say, this disrupts the way the HR Consultancies and Staffing Companies do business.

Thalento® has the expertise to work with these challenges and develop solutions.

The FLEX Model

Developed for the Staffing industry, FLEX is a powerful assessment. The one page FLEX is efficient. It offers an overview of 4 behaviour clusters with each 4 behaviour types.

FLEX is the ideal tool to quickly map large numbers of applicants.


More attrition, changing customer relations and the Consumerisation of Hiring are today's challenges for STAFFING companies. More often than not, the reality is that they and their staff are not aligned with the HR technology and the changing expectations of customers and their staff.

We work with the Staffing industry to develop models that predict their challenges and exposure. We develop tailored solutions and train their experts.



Food and Catering

Food & Catering


The Food & Catering industry is home to some of our first customers. Back in 2008 we developed a performance model for high tech Maintenance Engineers in the global Food industry.

Today we offer specific solutions including the FOOD model, which offers a validated insight into the result driven and customer-oriented behaviour that is so typical of this industry. 

FOOD Model

FOOD details personality and motivational drivers that determine the capabilities and performance of (future) employees. We offer 2 models: 

  • Business report : Clear Business decision information

  • Detailed report : Full details on Performance and Motivation

The result is an optimal assessment of the potential for general and management positions in the Food industry.  






Our expertise in Logistics dates back to our origin. Over the years we have performed projects in the Logistics industry, ranging from re-organisations based on the capability and potential analysis to development prototype profiles on a European scale.  

The LEAN Model is unique

LEAN was developed in cooperation with a partner in the Healthcare industry. Today LEAN facilitates feedback and offers details on development areas and bottlenecks. Making it the ideal tool to introduce and promote Lean Management. 

Lean Performance & Leadership

LEAN assessment maps Performance and Leadership abilities and provides an objective insight Lean Performance Potential report.

The LEAN report contains:

  • Intuitive Lean Attitude

  • Potential Lean Abilities

  • Counter Indicative Attitude

  • Lean Leadership



Retail and Fashion

Retail & Fashion


The Retail & Fashion industry is in permanent change. The expectations on business and staff are high. Understanding customer expectations and matching these with the right people and capabilities has been our added value from the start.

In 2011 we engaged in a research project in close cooperation with the Retail sector. This research resulted in the development of Thalento® RETAIL. Today it is used across Europe.


Thalento® RETAIL, has 2 models. Both versions offer validated information scored on the 5 Key Performance areas and Motivation & Drivers that are specific for the Retail industry.  

  • Store Manager

  • Store Sales Staff

For both models we have developed 2 versions;

  • a Business Manager, containing only practical management information

  • a HR Professional, offering full assessment details





In 2018 we launch our new partnership with SIMdustry®. A global market leader in board games.  

This partnership will provide integrated e-assessments that enrich the SIMdustry® Solutions.

Clear reports offer individual insights into people and their talents to enhance the learning experience and optimise the result of development programs.

The SIMdustry® Assessments provide evidence-based data on individual strengths, challenges and pitfalls related to the skills trained in a specific board game.