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The ideal Team Management tool. Compare up to 20 people in a clear overview with TeamView. All results in a single graphic frame.

It's so easy! 

Simply select your report, then select the people and generate your TeamView. Benefit from the visual overview, transparent matching and benchmark individual results for better decisions.



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Cubes Competencies

Manage your competency & talent needs with the Thalento® CUBES Competency Suite. 

It contains a competency library with 6 clusters of 52 competencies, each detailed in 5 levels. CUBES can be fully adapted to reflect your requirements.

Change the clusters, select ONLY your competencies, have fewer levels and different descriptions, it’s all possible. Our detailed reports include the behavioural indicators. CUBES is unique! We will integrate YOUR competency manual.


Talent Intelligence Tools, 360° Survey, I-Rater, Personality and Motivation Questionnaires

360° Survey


The Thalento® 360° Periscope is a multi-rater 360° survey built on the competencies detailed in the CUBES Competency model. The ideal way to rate performance, competencies, behaviour style and functional traits from multiple perspectives and raters (360° feedback).

The 360° Periscope enables you to evaluate competencies, invite subjects using multiple raters. The result is a comprehensive and detailed 360° report.

It is easy to tailor the Competency Library and even the related questions to match your needs.



Talent Intelligence Tools, Benchmark Reports, Personality and Motivation Questionnaires



Selected reports can be equipped with a Benchmark Profile. With the  “Benchmark” you create the ideal function profile. The result is a clear and easy to read graphic match, ideal to interpret the fit with specific functional requirements.

Benchmark Profile is preferably the result of a detailed analysis of the performance and the functional success criteria.



Talent Intelligence Tools, Appraisals




Appraisals need careful planning and are often time consuming.

They require timely planning, the right method and a structured follow-up.  
Compose tailored and unique questionnaires, integrate competencies or use our proposed questionnaires.
Looking to go further? Build your tailored Appraisal using your own competency framework.

In short, we build the ideal solution to meet your needs.

Talent Intelligence Tools, Management Team Dynamics, Core values

Management Team Dynamics



Aligned teams deliver results!

What is the state of awareness of your Management Team? Are they champions who support MT decisions in front of their teams? Do the MT members share the same vision? Do they speak the same language?

With Management Team Dynamics you acquire a deeper understanding of the Team Capabilities of your MT. This is visualised in a detailed and benchmarked insight into a broad array of critical performance indicators, grouped into 3 complementary areas:

The building blocks:

  • Basics : The 8 basic operational rules and conditions

  • Core Values : How the MT members think and act on 9 core values

  • Interaction : How individual team members interact detailed in 8 relational principles

Talent Intelligence Tools, Organisation Dynamics, Work methods, Core values, Upward feedback

Organisation Dynamics



The culture that drives your organisation

Acquire an insight into the dynamics of your organisation and the driving culture parameters. Learn about the challenges, the strengths and hidden risks. Building a focused and effective organisation is based on the correct knowledge. Organisation Dynamics inventories assist you in determining your organisational culture and indicates the influencing dynamics.  

The building blocks:

  • Work methods

  • Core Values

  • Upward feedback