Assessments, Personality and Motivation Questionnaires, PERFORM, MANAGE, SALES, MOTIVATE, BIG-5, Q-SCAN, ASSESS

Personality and Motivation Questionnaires, TH-PQ, PERFORM Report

Perform Report

PERFORM is based on our broad-spectrum Assessment (the TH-PQ) and offers a detailed and objective overview of Personality, Behaviour and Performance.


Personality and Motivation Questionnaires, TH-PQ, MANAGE Report

Manage Report


MANAGE is an extensive competency based report, composed of 3 complementary parts.

  • Part 1: Management Competency Profile

  • Part 2: Personality Characteristics

  • Part 3: Motivation & Needs


Personality and Motivation Questionnaires, TH-PQ, SALES Report

Sales Report

SALES reports on the sales talent & capabilities, the growth potential and the motivation for sales activities. This makes it the reference to hire and manage sales professionals. SALES provides detailed and valid information in 3 segments.

  • Part 1: Sales Cycle

  • Part 2: Motivation & Sales Drivers

  • Part 3: Sales Abilities


Personality and Motivation Questionnaires, TH-PQ, MOTIVATE Report

Motivate Report


Motivation drives performance and productivity, and therefore ultimately also retention. MOTIVATE enables you to identify, understand and manage motivational drivers and needs. Motivated people create results and enhance customer satisfaction.

Personality and Motivation Questionnaires, TH-PQ, BIG-5 Report

BIG-5 Report


The BIG-5 provides a reliable insight into behaviour and personality traits. It details the 5 basic personality dimensions (based on the Big Five personality traits) with the individual differences in personality described according to the 5 fundamental personality dimensions, each limited by 2 markers. The BIG-5 enables you to understand behaviour in relation to specific functional and environmental expectations.

Personality and Motivation Questionnaires, TH-PQ, Q-SCAN Report

Q-SCAN Report


Q-SCAN is the effective solution for a quick and transparent view of functional behaviour, it contains 4 clusters, with each having 4 behaviour types. It provides details on the preferred behaviour with functional styles, completed with typical and non-typical behaviour, strengths and points of improvement.

Personality and Motivation Questionnaires, TH-PQ, ASSESS Report



ASSESS report provides a detailed summary of the respondent’s professional performance described in 30 Performance Indicators. It is intended for HR professionals and Certified Thalento® Assessors as a supporting tool for Assessment and Development Centres. ASSESS offers the users detailed information and serves as a practical working instrument during an assessment interview.

Profile overview & details + Interview notes = assessment interview