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Get to know yourself ….

experience THE FUTURE PROJECT by Thalento®

The Future Project is global, multilingual and intended for ‘young adults’ (aged 18 to 25 years)
who just started their professional career or are getting ready for it.

The Future Project offers an insight into your personality, your attitude
(in studying and working), your behaviour in general, but also your motivation.

It is a unique opportunity to get to know yourself and your friends!
Understand how to view yourself and get a scoop on how
companies get an insight in your talents.

Why should you do it?

'Why not ?' 'It’s your future’

Don't wait, TRY IT

Get to know you! Understand your ambitions, your talent & attitude and motivation!


How does it work?

The Future Project is based on the Thalento® Personality and Motivation Questionnaire.  This questionnaire  is used by wordwide organisations (such as Kinepolis/Quick/Materialise) for measuring 30 behavioural criteria and traits that determine professional conduct and performance.

The result is an insight in how you view yourself, your behaviour, your preferences, and what drives you and motivates you …

Upon completion of the test, you will receive your personal results automatically by mail.

Which (professional) situational criteria are important to you?

Which ambitions and opportunities do you look for in a job?

Which personality characteristics most accurately describe you?


Go for a Kick-Ass Career Start!

Personality Type - ThinkPersonality Type - Act

Personality Type - TeamworkPersonality Type - Communicate


Learn about
YOUR personality type?

16 personality types  ...
including a dominant behavioural cluster!

Read more ...  

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The Future Project has the ambition to build a global insight in how ‘young adults' view the world, their future and their peers.

How do you look at your future? What is your ambition, what drives and motivates you?  Share your unique perspective with us!

It is – also - our academic nature to get a detailed insight, map and understand differences, similarities and the potential diversity that exists between geographic regions, specific cultures, nationalities and fields of interest.

Already more than 5.000 young adults took part @ The Future Project

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How to participate? Student or just graduated?

The Future Project is completely FREE and without any engagement or commitment for everybody between 18 and 25 years.

Register by completing the form. Within 24 hours, you will receive your login data. After completion, you will receive your results automatically by mail.


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The Future Project Thalento

The Future Project for Educational Organisations

Secondary Schools, High Schools & Universities

The Future Project is also FREE for secondary schools, high schools & universities. Offer your students the opportunity to participate in The Future Project in an organised manner or individually. Additionally.  It is also the perfect opportunity to get to know professional selection tests that are used within real-life selection procedures.

Are you, as an educational institution, interested in participating in this unique project, contact Els Bancken (Platform Manager) on or +32 11 28 62 42. We will provide you all necessary digital material to support the project.

What happens with your personal data?

The Future Project
All collected information will be used solely for academic research.
All information is rendered anonymous and disconnected from all personal information, prior to be stored in a structured database.
All data will only be used for comparative academic research.

Finally, the small print:

Confidentiality and Privacy:  Never will Thalento® or any related company or third party, contact you for further information, for commercial or any other purpose. Thalento® furthermore commits itself to disconnect all personal information and render all received data anonymous. Thalento® will only contact you following a personal and written request from you.

The findings of our research will be published on our website and through selected media channels.

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